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You gain unlimited access to our test questions (100's of questions) as often as you like day or night!!.
The questions are divided into exam content areas -
Counseling and Guidance, Consulting, Coordinating, Professional Issues
A section on Definitions important for the Guidance Counselor to know for the exam
Assessment tools a Guidance Counselor must know
DSM-IV Terms
Notable theories and individuals in the field
A special section that explains how to take Analogies, Fusion, Comparison, and Classification Type Multiple Choice Questions, Order of Correctness, Keywords and Guessing techniques to pass the exam.
Ability to access exam test banks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Option to upgrade your subscription for a longer time period at a reduced rate
Finally, you will receive Online e-mail along with your subscription covering content material that will be helpful in studying for the Exam!!

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