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People E-mail us after they get the results of the exam . Usually we hear from those that have passed and incorporate their suggestions in our study course. Unfortunately people that don't pass feel their performance on the exam is a reflection of their competency as a professional rather than how well they take tests or happen to be feeling that day! Those that don't pass are put back on the site for FREE. We want you to pass; we need more professionals out there!!

I believe that this website was instrumental in helping me to pass this exam. Thanks, for creating it.
Hello Dr. Linton, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I passed the Praxis II Series test. My score is high enough for every state. I believe I passed because of your on-line Guidance Counselor Study Program. I will definitely tell anyone I know that is preparing for an exam about your on-line programs. Blessings, Freda
Hello Linton, My name is Kathy for Durham, North Carolina. I took the school counseling practice exam and I did pass! Iwant to say thank you so much!
Durham, NC USA -
I took the test in July and passed!  Thanks for the study tips and questions!
Thanks. I took it and passed.  Yea!!!!  Joni
Dear Dr.Hutchinson, I just wanted to let you know that I passed the Praxis guidance and counseling test. I had taken the test 5 times. Finally, I have passed. There was one e-mail that you had sent me about--You know the information just relax!!! I really needed to here that message. It came the week of the test. It calmed me down and stayed focus. Plus, a lot of prayers!!! Thanks again for all of the great info you sent to me. It was worth the money. Thanks again, Connie
Great news!!!! I Passed after being out of college since '69. Thanks for a great course.
Thanks to this site and studying on my own, I passed the first time!!! What a relief!! Pete

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